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Restoration vintage cars and american cars

How to restore a classic car perfectly,

"Everyone has their own personal vision of their car and rightly we accompany these choices until the desired result, while maintaining reliability and safety" Giuppy


Garage American Cars born from the passion for the world of cars and motorcycles a bit special. In these long years, many are the new customers with whom we share the pleasure and experience so that desires are fulfilled, even the dreams of owning a special car or a motorcycle a bit special.

Garage American Cars important landmark in Turin, Piedmont region, Italy, for the sale and restoration of vintage cars and american cars.

We range from the routine maintenance of vintage cars and american cars, full or partial restoration, engine rebuilding and customization of body and engine, fulfilling the demands of clients, advising them according to our experience to get a result at the highest level.


Garage American Cars of Giuppi, restoration and sale of vintage cars and american cars.

Full and partial restoration according to customer desires.

We repair all the vintage cars, all we do, then the americans cars are our favorites, but we do them all.

Full and partial restoration to create exact reproductions of classic cars parts, interiors, and sheet metal.

Car restoration is a great way to have your dream car.

Last posted: look our new Video and page dedicated to Citroen DS 23 Pallas restoration


Several vintage american cars for sale and vintage american cars on sale.

Car completely restored, semi finished cars and vintage cars ready to put on the road.

American vintage cars and vintage cars with wonderful leather interiors, fully functional in everything and completely original.

Improvements on engine, cooling and braking, for added security and reliability.

So many beautiful cars on sale that are good for every day. Vintage cars from round shapes and beautiful colors, a pleasure to drive, safe and reliable, thanks to the accurate car restoration carried out.

Completely restored both in the mechanics that in the body, with engines totally redone, with attention to the smallest detail, in the finishes and in the interiors, American vintage cars and vintage cars ads for sale, all in perfect conditions.


We organize and take part in several meetings and gatherings cars where there are vintage classic cars, american cars, pick-up, muscle cars, vintage motorcycles.

Are you organizing a vintage car meeting? Or some special events related to vintage cars or american cars? With so many special motorcycles and historic vehicles? To call all fans of classic American cars of all brands, limousines, SUVs or pick-up, all vintage vehicles.

If you want you can publish your events and related informatins here.

Send an e-mail with the program, details and photos of the event. We will publish your information as soon as is possible.

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Restored vintage cars photos, some of the latest restored cars which can be viewed in our workshop, real works of art.

To create exact reproductions of classic cars parts, interiors, and sheet metal contact us!

Car restoration is a great way to have your dream car.

Here's where you'll find all the information you'll need to care for, restore and enjoy your vehicle!

Restoration Vintage and American Cars