Restoration of vintage cars and American cars.

Garage American Cars of Giuppi. Italy, Turin, Carmagnola

"Everyone has their own personal vision of their car and rightly we accompany these choices until the desired result, while maintaining reliability and safety" Giuppy

Important landmark in Turin and the Piedmont region, for the sale and restoration of vintage car and American cars.

Garage American Cars born from the passion for the cars' world and motorcycles a bit special, in these long years, many are the new customers with whom we have shared the pleasure and experience, so that the desires are fulfilled, even the dreams of owning a vintage car or a vintage motorcycle.

Restoration total cars

We range from the routine maintenance of vintage cars and American cars, full or partial restoration, engine rebuilding and customization of body and engine, fulfilling the demands of clients, advising them according to our experience to get a result at the highest levels. Several models of vintage American cars and classic American cars for sale.

Car completely restored, auto semi finished and ready to put cars on the road.

American vintage cars and classic vintage cars with leather interiors wonderful, fully functional in everything and completely original.

Restoration total cars

How to restore a vintage car perfectly

Many are now vintage cars we have restored and prepared for sporting events, historic races, rallies and classic car meetings, or simply for owning a vintage classic car. And many and varied are the specific actions that we can do on the classic cars to restore that arrive at our workshop so that they can return to their original splendor.

So many beautiful vintage cars restored that are good for every day. Cars from round shapes and beautiful colors, a pleasure to drive, safe and reliable, thanks to the accurate car restoration carried out.

Completely restored both in the mechanics that in the body, engines with totally redone, with attention to the smallest detail, in the finishes and interiors, for sale perfect condition.

Here in this page, you can find what we means for cars restoration.

Each restoration project starts from a careful analysis of the condition of the vehicle. Specialists in classic car restoration, maintenance and sale of vintage cars, Garage American Cars offers all services: body paint, interior, replacement of spare parts, engine.

Our intention is to follow the customer in his choices, according to his references. For each type of job, if you have personal references these are privileged. So even for the original spare parts: Garage American Cars offers a search service original spare parts, but you can provide your own parts or indicate the chosen supplier.

Most of the cars to be restored comes to our own workshop independently, but also for transportation you can always rely on us completely.

Look our videos with all our cars restoration projects, american muscle cars restoration and american classic cars restoration, and above all the new video of AUSTIN HEALEY restored.

A vehicle restoration is the process of reconditioning it from a used condition "in an effort to return it to like-new condition.

Cars restoration should be a fun, leisurely process. Learn how to restore a classic car perfectly.

To create exact reproductions of classic cars parts, interiors, and sheet metal contact us! Car restoration is a great way to have your dream car.

Car body repairs

Car body repairs reliable and accurate, with high quality standards. Customizing of car body and remaking of bumpers, sides, bezel and grille. Best price, complete and personalized service.


Special video dedicated to the restoration of an extraordinary CITROEN DS 23 PALLAX.

Also known in Italy as Citroen DS Shark. Citroen DS Pallas was also revolutionary for the many technical solutions. One of the main original between these solutions consists of the hydropneumatic suspension (or more precisely oleopneumatic). In this video, this Citroen DS 23 Pallas to be restored, a Citroen DS 23 Pallas of 1974, at the end of the first phase of the restoration work carried out.

The car begins again his own life. Naked, engine and electrical system, this Citroen DS 23, 1974 moves, lifts and takes life. Go to the page > CITROEN DS 23 PALLAS RESTORATION

Buick 1954

Buick of 1954, in restoration.

American classic cars restoration, it was made the body, the chassis, everything else is to be revised. These are the first parts that are made in this kind of processing. Vintage cars in need of restoration for sale, this is a 54s Buick convertible, named the Skilart and then there will be a way to see it finished. A show between vintage american cars .... to the next appointment.

Chevrolet Street Master 1949

Chevrolet Street Master

A classic American Pick Up, 1949, a Chevrolet Street Master. Vintage cars in need of restoration for sale. Chevrolet Street Master, healthy body, all the details that can serve for the restoration, mechanics parts and everything else, anything ...

Austin Healey 1954

This is a vintage english car, Austin Healey 1954. We repair and doing restoration for all the cars, Americans cars and vintage cars. For this Austin Healey were made several performances changes: on cooling, in the motor, in terms of performance, in the roadholding and in the braking, due to its final destination. Look now our last video, with Austin Healey restored. Look what we have do!

Here, the work was done was really radical. It was naked total, without any mechanism on the body, all parts have been refilled or replaced. Austin Healey is a car that lends itself to the historic races, racing, rally. It has a 3200 engine, inline 6-cylinder, manual transmission with overdrive also. Were made several performances changes: due to its final destination.